Ode to Cat Vomit

Recently, my dear cat Rocky passed away at the ripe old cat age of 16. From early morning wake-up howls to peeing on my bed, he was a master of self-expression, particularly in his favorite medium–vomit. Inspired by the great Dr. Suess, this is for you old friend:

He puked on my bed
He puked on my head
I really wish he’d puked elsewhere, instead

He puked on the floor
He puked near the door
He puked and puked, till there is no more

He puked on the rug
He pukes up a bug
All the while looking quite smug

He puked on my nose
He puked on my toes
Yes, he even puked on my clothes

He puked on a chair
He puked in my hair
Basically, he puked everywhere