About Us

They work among us! OK, not actual vampires, but bloodsuckers are REAL!

Plush Vamp was founded on the principle that there are people at work who suck the life out of us, draining our will to live, and making our work lives miserable.


We illustrate these bloodsuckers as vampires because like actual pulse pokers, we get to decide whether or not we invite them in. On this blog, Rita Harris and Heather Harwood fight these demons using what we believe is the most lethal weapon–humor. We hope you enjoy poking fun at these monsters as much as we do.

1391451_355562924580150_831820587_nWe welcome your ideas and thoughts for future posts. Until then, remember they work among us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with the humor arsenal in our battle against the bloodsuckers.

Oh, I almost forgot…we’re also book authors and we sell stuff. Check out the “Buy Stuff” tab here or go to our website at www.plushvamp.com.


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